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Medieval Christian king

Medieval Christian king

Medieval kings were typically depicted sitting on their thrones, wearing a crown and the Royal regalia.



Christian king, король, Christian, орта ғасырлар, ruler, throne, hereditary, right, power, crown, leader, sacred, dynasty, symbol, secular

Байланысты экстралар


Байланысты экстралар

Шахмат есептері

Математика сабақтарында шахмат есептерін шешу қисынды ойлауды дамытуға көмектеседі.

Викингтердің елді мекені (10 ғасыр)

Солтүстік халқының ерекше елді мекендері тек Скандинавияда ғана емес, алыс аймақтарда да...

Ұлы Карл сарайы (Ахен, 9 ғасыр)

Ұлы Карлдың сарайы империяның орталығы және мәдениет қамалы болған.

Byzantine Emperor (6th century)

The Byzantine Emperor was the head of the Byzantine Empire, the direct continuation of...

Habsburg imperial couple (19th century)

Emperor Franz Joseph I and the beautiful Elisabeth got married in Vienna in 1854, but...

Hierarchy of the Medieval Christian church (11th century)

This animation shows the hierarchical structure of the Medieval Christian church.

Knights’ hall

One of the most important parts of a medieval castle was the Knights´ hall.

Medieval Royal Palace (Visegrád, Hungary, 15th century)

The magnificent palace was commissioned by Charles I of Hungary, it got its final shape...

Royal feast (15th century)

The second wife of Matthias Corvinus, King of Hungary, was Beatrice of Aragon.

Slavic warriors

Slavic warriors were greatly respected throughout Europe in the Middle Ages.

The Hungarian Crown Jewels

The best-known piece of the Hungarian Crown Jewels is the Holy Crown.

The Knights Templar (12th-13th century)

One of the most important religious military orders, formed in the era of the Crusades.

Clothing (Western Europe, 10-12th century)

Clothing reflects the lifestyle and culture of the region's inhabitants.

Medieval knight

Medieval knights were vassals of feudal lords and fought on horseback in battles.

Clothing (Western Europe, 5-10th century)

Clothing reflects the lifestyle and culture of the region's inhabitants.

Ottoman Sultan (16th century)

The leader of the Ottoman Empire was the Sultan, the lord of life and death.

Russian Tsar Peter I with his wife

Influenced by Western Europe, the Tsar attempted to modernise the Russian Empire.

XIV Людовик (Күн-Король)

Францияның абсолютті монархы тақта ең ұзақ отырған еуропалық король болған.

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