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Snap, solve, learn mathematics

Algebra step by step

Download and discover our Matek educational application, which helps you solve the most complex equations and understand how to get the right result. Snap a picture of the equation or draw it on the display and the program will guide you through the solution step by step.

Take a photo of the equation or write it on the screen

You can insert the exercise directly from your textbook or testbook using your phone's camera or by writing it by hand on the display of your smartphone.

Ask for hints

If you get stuck, ask for a hint which will help you to continue working on your own.

Step by step

You can go through the solution step by step. If you can, continue on your own, but if you get stuck, you can ask for explanations.

Comprendi il contesto

Esamina la soluzione semplificata per l'intero esercizio. Puoi accedere a spiegazioni più dettagliate con un clic.

Plot the equation

Get the graphic solution of the equation with a click.

Utilizza come una calcolatrice

Se vuoi conoscere soltanto il risultato di un'operazione, puoi usare l'applicazione come una calcolatrice.

Share it with others

Share the solution of your exercise with your friends or classmates.

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