Cosa sappiamo riguardo ai denti?

The lesson introduces you to various types of teeth and their functions.

Dove vanno le acque reflue?

This lesson presents the production of waste water, its treatment and environmental impact.

Il rumore può provocare effetti nocivi?

Noise surrounds us everywhere, but it can be harmful. Let's see how.

Come funziona l'udito?

This lesson helps you understand the process of hearing.

Come possono comunicare gli uomini?

This lesson presents the development of human speech and the structure and functioning of...

Capisci cosa ti sto dicendo?

In this lesson you will learn about the basics of speech perception and language acquisition.

Effetto Doppler

This lesson helps to understand the Doppler effect.


In this lesson you will familiarise yourselves with the concept of time.

Di che taglia sono i batteri?

This lesson presents the structure and classification of bacteria and the role they play...

Diventiamo quello che mangiamo?

The lesson presents the components of a healthy diet.

Facciamo un safari!

In this lesson you will find out where savannahs are located on Earth and will learn...

Chi sarebbe una buona sentinella?

Learn about the human sense organs and their functions and how to keep them healthy.

I licheni danneggiano gli alberi?

In questa lezione potrai conoscere con organismi particolari ,chiamati licheni.

Diventa un antropologo forense!

Find out what types of bones there are and what anthropologists do!

La rana dal dardo velenoso è velenosa?

Find out interesting facts about the anatomy of amphibians and their vital processes!

Come volano gli uccelli? Parte 1.

The plumage and streamlined bodies of birds play a key role in flying.

Come volano gli uccelli? Parte 2

Let's examine the anatomy of birds and their vital processes from the point of view of...

Possiamo capire il "linguaggio" degli animali?

Find out interesting pieces of information about the communication of animals.


In this lesson you will find information about the discovery and classification of...

Come volano gli uccelli? Parte 3

Learn about the migration and reproduction of birds.

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