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Mozaik Education - Prestigio Partnership Agreement

25 marzo 2019Bálint Mátyás

Partnerships are often a necessary and fundamental way to success so we’re happy to announce the signing of a worldwide OEM partnership agreement with Prestigio and the integration of Prestigio Multiboard Solution and the mozaBook Classroom software.

What makes this collaboration special?

Prestigio Multiboard is a state-of-the-art solution for education, conferences and business that not only increases work efficiency, but significantly improves the level of interaction in the classroom. It is a great tool for teachers to present, explain, and engage students in the classroom. One device combines the functions of an electronic projector, computer, traditional blackboard, flipchart, and plasma screen. What’s more, the device’s bright screen will be visible in any light.

mozaBook is presentation software designed for interactive whiteboards and displays in classrooms. Teachers and students can create presentations and enrich them with interactive 3D scenes, educational videos, images from a built-in media library or their own devices.

Besides that, mozaBook includes a collection of various teaching resources such as educational applications and 1000+ videos. One of the main benefits is to increase students' attention and help them to understand the topic.

Main functions:

  • create engaging and interactive presentations from scratch;
  • create and assign tests or quizzes;
  • upload your own textbooks using PDF files to make them interactive;
  • access to the entire library of interactive content, including 1200+ 3D models and scenes, 120+ tools and games, along with audio, video and still image content.

By bundling Prestigio Multiboard with mozaBook, we wish to create a comprehensive and powerful tool that makes the learning process easier, understandable, and more interesting for both students and teachers.

As part of the existing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partnership, starting from 2019, all Prestigio Multiboard devices are provided with a default 1-year mozaBook Classroom software license in any location where ASBISc Enterprises Plc. is present.

Would you like to try mozaBook for free? Just click here to download the software and enjoy the 1-month free trial period. To learn more about the Prestigio Multiboard, visit the Prestigio website and get in touch with an expert who can help you to choose the best solution for you.

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