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Mozaik 3Ds have gotten even more real!

10 ottobre 2016Olga Pushkina

We have amazing news for all the fans of Mozaik 3Ds:

Many of our most beloved 3Ds have gotten a makeover! They are now more colourful, more detailed and basically just much, much harder to take your eyes off them. I know it is hard to believe that Mozaik 3Ds can get even better than they already are, but our 3D developers really exceeded all possible expectations this time around.

By now, about 30 3Ds have been transformed, and our team is working hard to bring new, amazing graphics to even more of them.

Dinosaur fans should check out the new and improved, even more amazing T-Rex. T-Rex is one of the most beloved Mozaik 3Ds, and I am sure this upgrade will make it even more popular.

For Biology geeks, we have the fresh, freakishly realistic human hearing 3D. Make sure you click on the sound icon at the upper left corner of the 3D window to see how our ear processes sounds of different frequencies.

The above-and-beyond (pun intended) Gagarin 3D is ready for all the space lovers.

The brand-new version of the Red Deer is so cute that absolutely everyone should go check it out. I promise you will love it.

I could go on describing how awesome our new 3Ds are forever, but really, what’s the point, if you are just one click away from enjoying them yourself. If you are a registered mozaWeb user, you simply need to login to access the 3Ds; if you are not registered yet, what are you waiting for? It is free of charge, and you will have immediate access to some very exciting 3D models.

Now excuse me while I explore the life-cycle of the Solar System 3D.

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