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Multiple mozaBook licences for several years?

06. 05. 2020. 14:49

Single-user mozaBook licence to be used one or more interactive boards.

Select the appropriate mozaBook licence and set the number of years you want to use the program for. (1)
With one licence, you can use mozaBook on an interactive board and a home computer..

If you purchase more than one of this licence (2) e.g. for several classrooms, you will receive a separate code for each licence which allow you to use mozaBook on different interactive whiteboards. The codes are valid from the time of purchase, so the licences purchased at the same time will expire at the same time.

ATTENTION! You may only enter one licence code at a time on one device. If you purchase more than one licence at a time, each licence will expire at the same time. The validity periods of licences do not add up, so you cannot use mozaBook for several years with multiple one-year licence codes.



Multi-user mozaBook licence (mozaBook CLASSROOM Pack)

The mozaBook CLASSROOM Pack allows you to purchase 10 or more mozaBook CLASSROOM licences at a discounted price. Licences purchased in the package have a common activation code that can be used to activate all purchased licences. You need to purchase as many licences as the number of interactive boards you want to install the software on.

Select mozaBook CLASSROOM Pack and set how many interactive boards you want to install the software on (3). Also set how many years you want to purchase the licences for (4).

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