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Upgrade your textbooks

7 décembre 2015Jessica Mizerak

What is the digital textbook market like in your country?  Are digital textbooks easy to find in the average classroom?

With the growing use of new technology in classes like interactive displays, tablets, smartphones and interactive projectors, decision makers in many nations have started investing and making digital textbooks available to educators and students. In some countries, textbook publishers are even required by law to provide the digital version for each of their textbooks in order to stay in the market. This is a drastic change - not only for publishing businesses, but also for teachers and students. That’s why it is important to provide solutions that make digital textbooks easy to use and easy to teach with.

Mozaik Education was founded in 1990 as a textbook publishing house and nearly a decade ago Mozaik began developing digital solutions in an effort to offer a new product which would add to the educational value of its printed textbooks. These digital education resources were built to be used alongside traditional teaching methods - not to replace them. The idea behind mozaBook was to create a software which would foster a better classroom dynamic and offer interactive educational content which would provide new insight to students that paper books and still images could not. Mozaik continues to print and license textbooks, but now offers a range of digital solutions for use with textbooks and separately.

Having developed the mozaLearn digital system entirely in-house, Mozaik has the publishing, pedagogical and technical expertise to help other publishers create or enhance their own digital textbooks. In order to create digital textbooks efficiently, we developed an authoring platform called mozaBook Editor, which publishing houses worldwide can use to instantly turn their PDF files into interactive digital textbooks. From there, publishers can add content to the books’ pages from Mozaik’s Media library or from their own collection of digital content. Once the interactive textbooks are finalized, they will automatically be ready for use on several platforms: for in-class and at-home learning, as well as on portable devices, like tablets and smartphones.

Our in-class solution, mozaBook, allows teachers to use your textbooks as the very basis of their lessons. Teachers can use the book in front of a class, on a projector or interactive board or display, and they can add their own files, presentations and activities to the pages of the book in order to create full lessons for their students. In the same way that paper textbooks are used to guide a traditional class, mozaBook allows the digital textbook to serve the same purpose: using textbooks as a roadmap for lessons.

Textbooks are a carefully-planned teaching resource with proven benefits. Digital textbooks maintain the structure required in learning while providing the opportunity to incorporate media that paperbacks cannot include, such as graphics, Flash files and videos, or even interactive 3Ds and customizable virtual labs. On top of the content that publishers add to the interactive textbooks, teachers can create their own additional content and, if they choose, share with others in their school or region.

And what about sales? Ready-made learning objects in your digital book book can help teachers demonstrate many topics more effectively by giving them new resources and saving them time. Such interactive resources are also exciting for students. Mozaik began by providing this new technology packaged in with their textbooks and found that this strategy markedly improved sales of their printed textbooks. As all publishers know, teachers are inclined to choose the books which include the best resources. So these days, as the demand for digital tools continues to grow, Mozaik’s suite of digital solutions for publishing houses is a great way to satisfy this demand.

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