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Acetone (C₃H₆O)

Acetone (C₃H₆O)

The simplest representative of ketones.



asetoni, propan-2-oni, oksoyhdiste, ketoni, liuotin, syttyvä, kynsilakanpoistoaine, diabetes, acetylene gas, orgaaninen kemia, Kemia

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Propane (C₃H₈)

The third member in the homologous series of straight-chain alkanes.

Acetic acid (ethanoic acid) (CH₃COOH)

One of the products of the oxidation of ethanol.

Ethyl acetate (C₄H₈O₂)

One of the most important esters, produced by the reaction of ethanol and acetic acid.

Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) (C₂H₅OH)

The best known alcohol, important in the food industry.

Molecule exercise V (Oxo compounds)

An exercise about the groups and structure of oxo compounds.

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