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Extraordinary (and unusual!) 3D models for learning

25 de febrero de 2016Dávid Furák

Mozaik 3D scenes have been proven to be very effective in visualizing objects, phenomena, processes, and rules which are hard to illustrate with static images and hard to capture on videos, let alone imagine them. (For example, Cosmic or microbiological occurrences, or long destroyed historical landmarks. My personal favorite: the Van der Waals interaction on a gecko’s foot).

But to give support in other, not so 3D-friendly fields, our developers went a step further. For unusual topics such as probability, logic, or advanced spatial geometry, they have invented the 4th dimension by creating puzzles and exercises to be solved within our 3Ds.
One good example of all the innovations claimed above would be our Constructing shapes 3D (above), in which the user is challenged to reconstruct a spatial object when we already know the front, side and top views.

In another model, Light and shadow (below), the user can experiment by placing a light source near different spatial shapes in a room which is actually a 3D coordinate system. Depending on the type of light source, its placement and its distance from the shape, the shadow cast will differ dramatically. There are 8 different objects and two types of light to choose from in the coordinate system and the ability to rotate the 3D model and view the objects and shadows from different perspectives provides a great demonstration for students of art and physics alike.For statistics and probability (besides the best tool in the world (probably!)), our Dice 3D model (below) offers great support. Here the user can roll with different numbers and colors of dice and, as they roll they receive a statistical chart summing up the results, showing us the essence of the rules of chance.With our inbuilt exercises, our developers are doing their best to make sure that teachers receive sufficient help in explaining all topics for students with interactive digital tools. Register on mozaWeb to try out our 3D models for free, including the human skeleton!

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