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What's new at Mozaik for the 2015/16 school year

8 de diciembre de 2015Jessica Mizerak

The new school year is already well under way and we hope all the teachers and students out there are learning a lot and having a good time! We'd like to give you an update on several new things here at Mozaik Education in recent months.

First of all, our new blog has a fresh design to match our updated website, mozaweb.com. We also have a few new contributors who will be bringing you exciting new content throughout the year. We will focus on tips and tricks for using technology in the classroom, including lesson planning hints and resources, as well as edtech news, and information about products and features that our team is working on.

Our blog isn’t the only thing that’s gotten a makeover - mozaBook 4.5 released a new update back in September. There are a lot of new features that come with the update, including new tools and content available in more languages, but we would like to highlight a few key improvements that we’ve made in order to really streamline teachers’ digital work and interaction with students: classroom management, homework and sharing.

As the use of individual student devices, such as tablets, are becoming more and more popular in schools, digital education has to be accessible on such devices. In order to support this trend, teachers need a way to get information to students as efficiently as possible and they need to be able to monitor students’ work, making sure everyone is on the same page. mozaBook now features classroom management tools which allow teachers to create virtual classrooms. Once students are all connected, teachers can send a particular application or game, a page of a publication, or even a specific image or video to his or her students very quickly and easily. If a school has a local network or if the devices are connected to each other by wi-fi, this feature will work - even without Internet access.

In addition to these new classroom management tools, the new mozaBook lets teachers assign homework to students via the Test editor tool in mozaBook. A homework assignment can be sent to the entire class, to groups of students, or to individuals. That homework, as always, can be completed in class or at home via mozaWeb, but now teachers have clear insight into student progress with the Classroom Management panel.

Teachers can look at each of their classes to see who has completed which homework questions and see which answers are correct, incorrect and incomplete. Our goal when creating this tool was to make the supervision and grading process much quicker, allowing teachers to have a great visual, too.

Finally, we’ve improved the sharing possibilities in mozaBook. Teachers could always share their presentations with other mozaBook users, for example within their school or other teachers in their nation, but now teachers can also share their presentations (we call presentations “Exercise books” in mozaBook) to mozaWeb users. So, just to give you an example or two, teachers can send home an Exercise book to students who were unable to attend class that day, or they can “hand out” presentations for students to review and prepare for upcoming tests or exams.

We hope these updates will really improve the way class works this school year. If you’d like to know more about mozaBook, please have a look at our dedicated mozaBook page.

Tags: mozaBook , Classroom management , edtech
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