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labor camp barracks

Several labor camps were established in the communist Eastern Bloc, the existence of which was kept secret for decades.

Air transportation

Air transportation has become the fastest and most reliable way of traveling. Thanks to air transportation, the pace of globalization has accelerated...


Since the advent of air travel, huge distances can be covered fast; today any part of the world can be reached within 24 hours.

Narrow-gage railway

Narrow-gage railways can be great fun on an excursion. As they chug along, they provide a great opportunity for us to admire the scenery.

Public transportation

Public transportation is an indispensable service in big cities. There are means of transportation that run on tracks while the others are road vehicles.

gray wolf

The domestication of the wolf began more than 10000 years ago. After humans, it is the most widespread mammal.


The seven-spot ladybug is probably the most best-known of all the ladybirds. Its conspicuous pattern warns predators of the bug’s unpleasant taste.

Archimedes’ principle with gasses

Is there a difference between the weight of a plastic bottle filled with air and the weight of a crushed one?

Sound localization

Sound localization is an important element in orientation. A sound reaches the ear closest to it first.

Air transportation

Air transportation has become the fastest, most reliable and most popular form of travel.

Hungarian gray cattle

This gray, robust cattle breed with characteristic long and curved horns is indigenous to Hungary.

The dangers of aluminum production

The use of bauxite, which is first processed into alumina and then into aluminum, can be harmful.

archeological excavation

In archeology, excavation is the exposure, processing and recording of archeological finds.

How to wash your hands correctly

Correct handwashing helps to decrease the risk of infections.

The shape of snowflakes

If we take a closer look at a snowflake, we will see that it has a symmetrical, hexagonal shape. But how do they take on this shape?


If someone is moving clumsily, we often say he or she has two left feet. But what does our left side have to do with being clumsy?


How does our body gain access to the vitamins it needs?

The loneliest place on Earth

There is a spot in the open ocean that is 2,688 km away from the nearest land.

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