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Let's dive!

In this lesson you can learn about the flora and fauna of seas.

Let’s get to know the sources of sound!

Let's use musical instruments and our vocal cords as sources of sound.

Why do we cry when chopping onions?

A lesson about the anatomy and development of onions.


Breaking news: Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun's tomb!

How fast are your reflexes?

The lesson introduces you to our innate and learnt reflexes.

The Age of Discovery

Let's get on board with legendary navigators!

What can the Sun's rays be used for?

This lesson presents how solar energy can be utilised.

Do storks really deliver babies?

This lesson presents everything related to human reproduction.

Let's play with fire

In this lesson, we will perform fire-related experiments.

How did we conquer space?

This lesson presents the history of human space flight.

How can wind energy be used?

This lesson presents how wind energy can be utilised.

The Cartesian and the polar coordinate system

Practise how to define a specific location using coordinate systems.

Are poison dart frogs poisonous?

Find out interesting facts about the anatomy of amphibians and their vital processes.

Let's watch polar lights

Let's find out interesting facts about the flora and fauna of polar regions and the living conditions in those areas!

Let's get to know the faces of forests!

In this lesson you will find out where deciduous forests are located on the Earth and their fauna and flora.

Do lichens damage trees?

In this lesson you will familiarise yourselves with special organisms, that is lichens.

Become a forensic anthropologist

Find out what types of bones there are and what anthropologists do!

A Journey to the Centre of Earth

This lesson presents the internal structure of Earth, the geospheres and their general properties.

Let's measure time!

This lesson presents timekeeping devices and the types and units of time measurement.

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