Formation of the Earth and Moon

This animation demonstrates how the Earth and the Moon were formed.

Countries of the World

Learning about the geographic location, capitals and flags of the world´s countries...


The Earth is a rocky planet with a solid crust and oxygen in its atmosphere.

Planets, sizes

The inner planets of the Solar System are terrestrial planets while the outer planets are...


Comets are spectacular celestial bodies orbiting the Sun.

The Dawn mission

Studying Ceres and Vesta will help us learn more about the early history of the Solar...

Geographical discoveries (15th-17th century)

Legendary geographical discoveries at the beginning of the Modern Age had not only...

Continents and oceans

Dry land on the surface of Earth is divided into continents which are separated by oceans.

The life-cycle of the Solar System

The formation of the Sun and the planets started with the contraction of a dust cloud...

Solar eclipse

When the Sun, Earth, and the Moon are arranged in a straight line, the Moon can partially...

Lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipses occur when the Moon passes through the shadow cone of Earth

Yuri Gagarin’s journey to outer space (1961)

Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space on April 12, 1961.

The Sun

The diameter of the Sun is about 109 times that of the Earth. Most of its mass consists...

Children´s room

The animation helps to develop space perception.


The International Space Station is a habitable satellite built with the cooperation of 16...

Geographic coordinate system

The geographic coordinate system enables every location on the Earth to be exactly specified.

Change of seasons (intermediate)

Due to the Earth´s tilted axis, the angle of the Sun's rays at given latitudes...

The Solar System; planetary orbits

The orbits of the 8 planets in our Solar System are elliptical.

Structure of the Earth (intermediate)

The Earth is composed of several spherical layers.

The countries of Africa

Learning about the geographic location, capitals and flags of African countries through...

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