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Making animated presentations and exercises

December 5, 2015András Szőke

mozaBook Exercise books are wonderfully suitable for making classroom presentations and lesson plans. Along with text content we can use our own photos or images from the Internet, the image bank found in textbooks, the built-in drawings, illustrations from the mozaBook Gallery, videos as a material source for presentations. However, we can also insert the mozaLibrary 3D models and the mozaBook tools.

If all this was not enough for raising pupils' interest, the animation is still to come. All the items of an exercise book can be animated. We can choose from entrance and exit effects and other exciting playful schemes. We can set the speed and direction of animations and we are able to adjust the timing of the appearance and disappearance of elements. We can start the popping out of 3D models, videos and tools, and after having finished their use, we can continue with the animated presentation.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


Making exercises along with animations? The simplest example: place images on an exercise book page and write more names. Let's first set only the images to appear, then clicking on the pictures will also make the possible answers pop up. In the next step we make the wrong answers fly away leaving only the correct solutions visible. Children will love it, we guarantee.

The mozaBook Animation editor is an excellent tool for spectacularly presenting a process or chain of thought and making interesting exercises, maintaining pupils' attention. It is only our imagination which can limit the possibilities, not the available tools or animation opportunities at our disposal.

Tags: animation , presentation
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