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1.4 million downloads and counting

April 23, 2018Bálint Mátyás

We are delighted to have reached 1.4 million downloads with our Human body (male) app on Google Play and App store. On this wonderful occasion, let me give you a short introduction to this app, created from the relevant 3D model in our Media library, and recommend other Mozaik applications that are also available for tablets and smartphones.

1.) The Human body (male) application is designed mainly for students to make biology lessons more exciting, interactive and, last but not least, understandable. Nonetheless, as you can tell by the huge number of downloads over the past few months, one does not have to be a pupil to be fascinated by the animation as it can be interesting for anyone who is eager to explore how our body works.

Frequent users of mozaBook and mozaWeb must be familiar with the different camera views and possibilities that the application has to offer. We can choose general overviews of the human body and examine our skeleton or muscles, but we can take a closer look at more detailed and precise views as well, like the cardiovascular or the reproductive system of human beings.No matter which camera view you pick, the scene will  always be easily rotatable and zoomable - all you have to do is just simply drag your finger on the screen. Moreover, if you happen to have a basic VR headset deep in the drawer, it’s high time to get it out and go for the built-in virtual reality mode. It’s superb fun!  In case you’ve downloaded the app, learned every minuscule detail about joints and muscles, what’s more, the secrets of our respiratory system has already ceased to amaze you… well, let me recommend our other 3D animations that are also freely accessible on Google Play, like the Otto engine or the Acropolis.

2.) Besides these stand-alone 3D apps, the traditional mozaBook application is also available for Android and iOS devices, so now you can take your interactive books and presentations anywhere you go and use them offline on your smartphone or tablet if you wish.

3.) Finally, the mozaik3D app, previously known as mozaWeb 3D viewer, has just got a brand new user interface and loads of really helpful functions, such as login, subscription, filters, 3D infosheet, and related 3D scenes. I would suggest giving it a try since you can access 5 items per week totally free, without a subscription.

The updated version of the app will soon be available for iOS devices in the App Store.

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