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How do birds fly? Part 3

How do birds fly? Part 3

Learn about the migration and reproduction of birds.


Author: Prazsák-Hajnal Krisztina

Reviewer: Horváthné Kunstár Andrea, Márton Gábor


bird, birds, aviation, migration, reproduction, migratory bird, parental care, orientation, path, radar, sexual reproduction, gonochoric, egg laying, internal fertilisation, nest, incubation, nidicolous, precocial, non-migratory bird, Arctic tern, sooty shearwater, Warbler, Calidris, golden plover, common snipe, common swift, cuckoo, odd one out, Red crossbill, common blackbird, házi veréb, golden oriole, climate change, beeline, velocity, biology, animals, physiology, zoology, ecology

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