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How can I download the offline version of 3D scenes in mozaBook?

9/17/20, 9:51 AM

In order to use 3D animations without an internet connection you have to download a series of special books, having article numbers start with MS-95.

On the Bookshelf click on the Magnifier icon near the top right corner of the screen, type MS-95, and from the search results download the offline version of the books matching your subject (Physics, Biology, etc).If you already downloaded the online version the book, please click on the information “ i ” button next to the textbook and select the Switch to offline package button.

Open a publication and in the Settings menu click on General, Operation, scroll down to Using 3D catalogue books and check if it is switched ON, and the books you just downloaded are listed there.

Any other book containing the same 3D scenes present in MS-9500-series books can open them from these books. This also apply 3D scenes opened from the Media Library.

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