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How to watch 3D scenes with a VR headset?

8/13/20, 2:42 PM

You can take a virtual walk in most 3D scenes with a VR headset. For this, you need a VR headset into which you can place your smartphone, and the mozaik3D app which you can download for free.

Download the mozaik3D app for Android
Download the mozaik3D app for Apple iOS

If you launch the app, there will be some 3D scenes on the home screen you can access for free. Open one of them by clicking on the play button and activate VR mode by clicking on the small VR headset icon in the bottom icon bar. (1)

Once you are in VR mode, place your smartphone into the headset. For the best experience, make sure the phone is centred in the middle of the headset. Use the guide lines for precise positioning. (2)

You can take a look around in the 3D scene by moving your head. If you tilt your head left or right, the menu pops up and you can switch to walk mode (3), choose between preset views (4), or turn labels on and off (5). To select a menu item, turn your head so that the cursor points at the right icon.

To start your virtual walk in walk mode, move your head down until the icon turns green. Walking is automatic and you will go in the direction you are facing. To stop the virtual walk, move your head down again until the icon turns red.

ATTENTION! The walk function does not require you to actually walk. Everything is controlled with the movement of your head.

You cannot access all the 3D scenes for free. To gain unlimited access to more than 1200 3D scenes, buy a mozaWeb PREMIUM subscription.Read more about it here.

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