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What to do if I have already activated a licence code but I would rather use it in another user account.

8/7/20, 10:07 AM

Activated licence codes can be deactivated within one week after their activation. They can then be activated again in another user account. Reactivation of a licence code does not modify its validity period.

This is how to deactivate and reactivate a licence
1 Log into the user account in which the licence was activated
2 In My licences, find the licence to be deactivated
3 Deactivate the licence
4 Log into the new user account in which you want to reactivate the licence.
5 Activate the licence.

If one week passes after activating a licence, it cannot be deactivated, it will remain in the user account in the activating user until the end of the validity period and this user cannot transfer it to another user.

Licences linked to users
Licences linked to user accounts can be deactivated within a week after activation. These licences are mozaWeb Premium Student / Teacher and the licences of digital books and digital atlases.

Licences linked to computers
Licences linked to computers (such as mozaBook Classroom / Multilang licences) can be moved to another computer as described at the following page Migrating a mozaBook licence

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