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Why do I have to activate the digital publications?

9/17/20, 9:40 AM

When you buy a digital publication, you receive an activation code. Each book has a unique activation code. You can find the codes for your purchased publications in 'My purchases' under your name. You will also receive these codes via email.

Before you can use your digital publications, you must activate them. This means that you have to assign the book to your mozaWeb user account. Once that is done, you can access the book via mozaWeb and on other platforms (mozaBook, mozaBook for Tablet), where you set up your mozaWeb account.

You can activate the purchased book right after completing the purchase, on the Order summary page, but you can also activate it with your code later on mozaWeb or in mozaBook. Read more about activation here.

Please note that the publication will be assigned to the user account you are logged into. If you activate your publication in mozaBook, make sure you log into the program with the local user linked to your own mozaWeb account.

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