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Why do I need a mozaWeb account?

10/14/20, 8:55 AM

What is a mozaWeb account?

Your mozaWeb account identifies you in our system. The permissions set for your account determine what content you can access on mozaWeb and in the mozaBook software. The books you purchase, the exercise books you create and the saved states of tools are all linked to your mozaWeb account.


What can I use it for?

If you create a free mozaWeb account and log into it, you can open a certain number of interactive items (3D scenes, videos, tools) on mozaWeb every week. However, if you purchase a mozaWeb PREMIUM subscription, you will have access to all content in the Media Library.

You will be able to purchase and activate digital books both on mozaWeb and through the mozaBook software. The items you purchase will be linked to your account. In order to be able to purchase and activate books in mozaBook, you must set up your mozaWeb account in the software.

To access your content (books, homework assignments, exercise books, saved states of tools) on mozaWeb, you must log into your account.

Setting up your mozaWeb account in mozaBook allows you to access all the digital books and exercises books linked to your account, as well as the saved states of tools in mozaBook.

If you use mozaBook on several computers (e.g. on an interactive board in the school and at home) and you set up your mozaWeb account in each of your copies of mozaBook, you will be able to access your publications and the content you have created from anywhere.

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