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The White House (Washington, D.C., 1800)

The White House (Washington, D.C., 1800)

One of the best known buildings in the world, this is the residence and office of the President of the United States.

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Located in Washington, D.C., the White House is the official residence and workplace of the President of the United States. Designed by Irish-born architect James Hoban, the White House was built in the Neoclassical style and constructed primarily of sandstone.

The site of the building was selected by George Washington, the first president of the United States. The cornerstone was laid in 1792. The first president to live in the White House was John Adams, who took up residence in the half-finished building with his wife, Abigail Adams. The building has been known as the President's Palace, President's House and the Executive Mansion.

Although the name White House, originating from the whitewash used on the outer walls, has been in use since 1811, it was only in 1901 that President Theodore Roosevelt officially gave the White House its current name.

Over the last two centuries the building has been restored and expanded on several occasions (for example, the East Wing was added in 1942).

Since 1960, the White House has been included on the list of National Historic Landmarks of the United States. Today, it is a popular tourist destination and one of the main attractions in the nation's capital.

  • - The seven red and six white, equally thick, horizontal stripes on the flag represent the 13 British colonies that became the first U.S. states after the Declaration of Independence.
  • - The 50 five-pointed, white stars are arranged in horizontal rows of six stars alternating with rows of five stars on a blue background. The stars represent the 50 U.S. states.

The flag of the United States is one of the best known flags in the world. It is also nicknamed the Star-Spangled Banner. It consists of three colors: red, white and blue.

With an aspect ratio of 10:19, the flag consists of two main parts. It has 13 horizontal stripes of equal width, seven of which are red and six of which are white, with 50 five-pointed, white stars arranged on a blue background in the top left-hand corner.

The first version of the American flag was designed during the War of Independence. Since then, it has been modified a great many times. However, all the versions of the flag share two common elements: the 13 stripes and their colors. Originally, it was the British flag that appeared in the top left-hand corner, but following a decision by the Second Continental Congress, that was replaced with 13 stars on June 14, 1777. Since then, Flag Day has been celebrated on that date.


Located in Washington, D.C., the White House is the workplace and residence of the President of the United States. The building, whose cornerstone was laid in 1792, was designed by the Irish-born architect James Hoban. John and Abigail Adams were the first presidential couple to live in the White House, when they took up residence there in 1800.

The current name of the building, originating from the whitewash used on its outer walls, was officially adopted in 1901, when Theodore Roosevelt was president. Over the last two centuries, the building has been restored and expanded on several occasions. The last change took place during Harry S. Truman's presidency. Built in the Neoclassical style, the White House consists of three main parts: the Executive Residence, the West Wing and the East Wing.

A symbol of the United States and the nation's capital, the White House has witnessed a great many key events and important decisions. Since 1800, the mission of the White House has remained unchanged: to provide uninterrupted service to the American people.

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