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The Moon

The Moon is the Earth's only natural satellite

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The Solar System; planetary orbits

The orbits of the 8 planets in our Solar System are elliptical.

Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is environmentally friendly, safe and efficient; and thanks to modern...

States and cities of the USA

This animation demonstrates the states and largest cities of the USA.

Continental drift on a geological timescale

The Earth's continents have been in constant motion during the history of the planet.


The Earth is a rocky planet with a solid crust and oxygen in its atmosphere.


Venus is the 2nd planet from the Sun, the brightest object on the night sky (after the Moon).

Continents and oceans

Dry land on the surface of Earth is divided into continents which are separated by oceans.


Jupiter is the largest planet of the Solar System, it has two and a half times the mass...

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