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The Mongol Empire

The Mongol Empire

The legendary Mongol ruler Genghis Khan established a huge empire through his conquests.



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  • - The territory of the Mongol Empire at its greatest extent measured 33,000,000 km² (12,741,371 sq mi).

The Mongol Empire was established at the beginning of the 13th century thanks to the conquests of Genghis Khan.

His descendants ruled over almost all of Asia and Eastern Europe. The Mongol Empire was the largest contiguous land empire in world history with its area of 33 million square kilometers (12,741,371 square miles).

Before his death in 1227, Genghis Khan divided the empire among his sons. By the end of the 13th century, the empire disintegrated into separate khanates.

  • leather armor
  • - It is a slightly curved saber, about 1 m (3.281 ft) in length. Its shape made it useful when fighting on horseback too.

The equipment and fighting tactics used by Mongol warriors were similar to those of Inner Asian peoples. The Mongol army consisted mostly of light cavalry.

Their primary weapon in combat was the bow but they also had a lance and a characteristically curved sword. Only the upper body of the Mongol warriors was covered with armor, which was usually made of leather.

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