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The Human Body - for Kids

This scene summarizes the main organs of the human body.

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Bones of the upper limbs

Bones of the upper limbs form the pectoral girdle and the arms.

Organization of genetic material

Eukaryotic cells with nuclei measuring only a few micrometers may contain nearly 2 meters...

Flat feet

Flat feet, or fallen arches, may cause a number of health problems.

Human skeleton

Our body´s internal support structure to which skeletal muscles are attached.

Mechanism of taste reception

Taste receptors convert chemical stimuli into electric signals.

Color vision deficiency

The inability to differentiate certain shades of color is called color vision deficiency.

Nose, the mechanism of smelling

Olfactory receptors produce electric signals when stimulated by odors.

Knee joint

The knee joint is made up by the femur, the tibia and the kneecap.

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