This animation demonstrates the construction of motorcycles.

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Lighthouses are used as an aid to navigation in coastal waters.

Evolution of the bicycle

The changing bicycle, at first mocked as a toy, is a true mirror of the technical...

North River Steamboat (Clermont) (1807)

Robert Fulton American engineer created the first operational steam-powered ship.

Safety equipment of bicycles

The bicycling manual contains rules concerning the safety equipment of bicycles.


Buses play an important role in public transportation.

Highway design and construction

We can travel on dual carriageways on the highway.

Junkers JU-52 (1932)

The most popular European-made transport aircraft before World War II.

Helicopter experiment (Oszkár Asboth, 1928)

As a milestone in the history of aviation, Oszkár Asboth´s first helicopter made its...

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