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A sailing vessel with characteristic lugsails used for both military and trade purposes.



junk, sail, sailboat, trade, fleet, watercraft, mast, far-east, transportation, freight transportation, maneuver, pirate ship

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Still in use today, junks are one of the world's oldest types of sailing vessel. They are used in the waters of the Far East. The design of these ships has hardly changed since they first appeared. Throughout history, various types of junks have been developed, the animation shows a smaller type of junk, known as the Cantonese junk, used primarily in Chinese waters.

It has three masts with lugsails attached to them, which resemble the wings of birds. The lugsails are reinforced with bamboo battens. An important feature of these ships is the deep cross-sectioned fuselage.

With a load capacity of about 300 tonnes, junks were mainly used for commercial purposes in the past, that is for transporting goods. However, due to their speed and maneuverability, junks also appeared in naval convoys, of course in a modified form.
Interestingly, pirates also liked to use this kind of vessel, thus causing serious problems for European merchant ships.

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