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Cis-pent-2-ene (C₅H₁₀)

Cis-pent-2-ene (C₅H₁₀)

One of the isomers of pentene.



Cis-pent-2-ene, geometric isomerism, alkene, olefin, hydrocarbon, unsaturated, constitutional isomerism, homologous series, pentene, isomer, addition, polymerisation, petrol, octane number, organic chemistry, chemistry

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Pentane (C₅H₁₂)

The fifth member in the alkane homologous series. A colorless, combustible liquid.

Cis-2-butene (C₄H₈)

A colorless, heavier-than-air gas. Its geometric isomer is trans-2-butene.

Cyclopentane (C₅H₁₀)

Member of the cycloalkane homologous series.

Isoprene (2-methyl-1,3-butadiene) (C₅H₈)

Synthetic rubber is produced by the polymerisation of isoprene.

Optical isomerism

Mirror image isomers of asymmetrical shapes and solids are non-superimposable.

Pent-1-ene (C₅H₁₀)

A liquid with a characteristic unpleasant odor and a low boiling point.

Trans-2-butene (C₄H₈)

A colorless, heavier-than-air gas. Its geometric isomer is cis-2-butene.

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