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Digitale Lehrbücher mit integrierten interaktiven Inhalten, animierten Präsentationen und Unterrichtstools an einem Ort.

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Starting mozaBook

Digital textbooks with embedded interactive content, animated presentations and educational tools all in one place.

Educational videos

Natural, history films, stories, film clips, plays, chemical, physical and biological experiments.

Innovative Education Solutions

Solutions for interactive whiteboard, learning at home, school administration, printed materials.


More than 2000 maps, interactive atlases. Learn to use mozaMap which takes map reading to a whole different level.

Mozaik Education Promo 2019

The educational solutions of Mozaik Education provide several possibilities for classroom work and learning at home.

MozaVideo Showreel

In 10 years we've shot films in 5 continents and now we have more than 1000 videos in more than 18 languages.

mozaBook - Inserting page links

In this short video we show you how to insert page links and web links to make your presentations more exciting in mozaBook.

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