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Romanian Ministry of Education and EDP launched Mozaik's interactive digital solutions

28. Mai 2020Máté Fazekas

Mozaik Education is delighted to announce that on May 26th 2020, with our partners Editura Didactică și Pedagogică  (EDP) and EduMagic and with support of the Ministry of Education and Research of Romania we successfully hosted a webinar for our Romanian audience with more than 7000 concurrent viewers. The event was opened with the speech of the Romanian Minister of Education and Research, Ms. Cristina Monica Anisie.  In the event "Use of 3D textbooks and interactive tools to support distance learning", we were aiming to provide educational content and training to all Romanian teachers who would like to improve their teaching, through technologies that are easy to use and very attractive for students.

The main focus was to showcase the digitalization and the use of EDP’s textbooks enriched with interactive tools in order to aid remote learning with the support of the mozaBook Classroom teaching software and the mozaWeb home learning solution. We were glad to assist with organizing a meeting where all Romanian teachers could participate online for free who would like to improve their teaching methods and learn how to customize their interactive textbooks in these difficult times.In our current global situation because of Covid-19, we have recognized that both teachers and students must deal with a lot of uncertain factors to provide an environment where an effective and engaging transfer of knowledge could happen. Oftentimes teachers need to learn digital tools which are not designed from the ground-up to be intuitive for immediate use. With our digital solutions, we aim to provide a framework of these digital tools that are integrated with the simplest tools and also with e-textbooks enriched with interactive educational content - like 3D scenes, videos, apps and games - as well. Teachers also have the freedom of creating their own customized content with the help of mozaBook’s easy-to-use presentational features.Providing technology that is attractive for both teachers and students could be vital in today’s digital world especially in light of recent global events. Engaging students and making teacher’s life easier is very important for us and we work hard every day with our partners to offer content and functionalities that are the best on the educational market. Combining familiar textbooks with access to over 1200 3D scenes, hundreds of educational videos and tools and games, teachers have the power to transform digital learning and to engage students and to save time and effort with the help of ready-made content while doing so.Thousands of people watched the webinar which started with the introduction speech of Mr. Claudiu Saftoiu, the Director General of EDP of Ms. Monica Anisie, the Romanian Minister of Education and Research. Mozaik Education’s Business Development Director Dr. Ildikó Török joined the session with a welcome speech as well. We hope to have many similar webinars in the future in collaboration with our partners across the world! We would like to show our sincere appreciation for the Ministry of Education and Research, EduMagic, and Editura Didactică și Pedagogicăa for organizing this amazing online event!Sources: https://www.edituradp.ro/articol/eveniment-gratuit-recomandat-de-ministerul-educatiei-si-cercetarii-foloseste-manualele-3d-si-instrumentele-interactive-pentru-a-sustine-lectii-la-distanta--i116



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