The mozaBook program is already available for tablets and smartphones, so students can take their digital textbooks anywhere they go, and even use them offline. The mozaBook application on mobile devices can also be used to connect to mozaBook running on an interactive board or PC, in order to participate in group work in the classroom.

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Interaktive lærebøger hvor som helst

Students can download activated books and exercise books onto their tablets or buy new publications. Once downloaded, the digital books and exercise books can be used offline, and their interactive content (3D scenes, educational videos, images, audios, worksheets) can be opened with the built-in players without an active Internet connection.

In order to access books, the mozaBook application running on the tablet must be linked to a mozaWeb account.

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Virtuel virkelighed i 3D-scener

Students can virtually explore the 3D scenes on their mobile phones. If they place their phones inside appropriate VR headsets, they will find themselves in ancient Athens, the Globe Theatre or on the surface of the Moon!

Gruppearbejde i klassen, klassestyring

MozaBook allows teachers to start a virtual classroom and invite students to join it. Students can connect to the classwork using their tablets. For this, the teacher's computer and the tablets must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It is not necessary to be connected to the Internet.

Teachers can always see who is connected and who isn’t, as well as get screenshots any time, to make sure everyone is on track.

Teachers can also share pages of a textbook directly to students’ devices. In addition, teachers can send assignments, worksheets, videos or images to students. Teachers can also keep track of worksheet completion and check students' results on their computer.

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