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The mix of the European peoples

During those few thousand years, many kinds of people settled in Europe. Their way of life was in sync with environmental conditions.

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Sonder og Mars rovers undersøger Mars struktur og mulige spor efter liv.

Indigenous peoples in Africa - The Nomads

Migrating nomadic shepherds are still living around the Great Rift Valley in East Africa.

Hubble Rumteleskop

Hubble Rumteleskopet kredser udenfor Jordens atmosfæriske forstyrrende indflydelse.

What can the Sun's rays be used for?

This lesson presents how solar energy can be utilised.

Udvikling af biler

Biler har udviklet sig meget siden slutningen af ​​det 19. århundrede.

The United Nations

The largest international organization of the world; it includes every country of the Earth. Its...

The structure of the economy

People do a wide range of jobs every day. But is there a way to categorise all these jobs?

Vienna, the Kaiserstadt

Coffee, Sachertorte, horse-drawn carriages and imperial splendour. Let's visit the city that was...

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