Sock dog

With enough patience and manual skills, you can even create a soft toy dog!

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Let's make a raft with just a couple of simple tools!

Making paper masks

If it is carnival time, put on a costume! If you cover your face around your eyes, it can be...


Let’s make a pinwheel! It is a witty little toy if you give it a go in windy weather, too!

Moving drawings

We create a mobile periscope for a yellow submarine we drew.

Paper aeroplane

Let’s make a paper aeroplane! How far can you throw it?

Paper puppets

Let’s make puppets using sticks, sheets of paper, scissors and coloured pencils!

Paper boat

Let’s make a boat from a few pieces of colourful paper and a straw!

Covering exercise books

Autumn is here - school starts. Your exercise books should not look boring... Let's dress them up!

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