Sock dog

With enough patience and manual skills, you can even create a soft toy dog!

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Mouse ears

A simple and quick costume for carnival is a pair of mouse ears made of paper.

Paper aeroplane

Let’s make a paper aeroplane! How far can you throw it?

Making paper masks

If it is carnival time, put on a costume! If you cover your face around your eyes, it can be...

Paper boat

Let’s make a boat from a few pieces of colourful paper and a straw!

Jumping frog

If folded properly, the frog will be able to jump with a skilful move.

Finger puppets

Let's make finger puppets! Punch two holes in the bottom and put two fingers through them. The...

Yarn doll

Let’s make a toy applying a simple but genius method, using yarn and a pair of scissors!


Fold the paper here and there, chip one or two with the scissors. This is all you need to create...

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