In rock-paper-scissors, the least popular choice of players is paper. But is it really the weakest of the three?

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The physics of submarines

This lesson presents the concepts of density and buoyancy through the operation of the...

Properties of matter: mass, volume and density

In certain cases, liquids do not mix together, and form layers instead. See what happens when we...


En kraft kan måles ved at måle vridningen af ​​torsionstråden i en torsionsvægt.


Et rumfartøj på sin vej er i konstant tilstand af frit fald.

Archimedes' seesaw

In this experiment, we use buoyancy to study the balance of two glasses of water.

Sound waves all around us • Part 2

In this lesson you will learn more about how sound propagates.

Sugepumper og trykpumper

Trykpumper og sugepumper er blandt de enkleste vandpumper.

Boiling at room temperature

Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. But is it possible to boil water at room temperature?

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