Putting a candle out with carbon dioxide

What should we look out for in wine cellars? In this experiment we produce carbon dioxide with vinegar and baking powder.

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Pitch and frequency, Part I

Experience the relationship between pitch and frequency through measurements.

Karakteristik af lydbølger

Denne animation forklarer de vigtigste karakteristika ved bølger gennem lydbølger.

What do you know about speed?

This lesson presents the concept of speed.


Et rumfartøj på sin vej er i konstant tilstand af frit fald.

The faithful cork

How does a piece of a cork behave on the surface of a glass of water? You can examine that in...

Boiling at room temperature

Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. But is it possible to boil water at room temperature?

The Doppler effect

This lesson helps to understand the Doppler effect.

Games Playing with sounds

This lesson introduces some basic ideas about sound.

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