Peeling an egg

The acid in vinegar dissolves materials containing calcium carbonate like eggshell and snail shell.

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The effect of concentration on chemical equilibrium (observation)

Examining the colour of cobalt(II) chloride in water and hydrochloric acid.

Homemade firefighting foam

We can produce carbon dioxide gas using sodium hydrogen carbonate and acetic acid. The carbon...

The viscosity of liquids

Have you ever thought about why honey flows so slowly from a spoon compared to water?

The effect of pressure change on chemical equilibrium (observation)

Examination of dissolved carbon dioxide in a bottle of carbonated water.

What do mixtures consist of?

This lesson presents different types of mixtures and how the substances in the mixtures...

Molekyle øvelse I (Bindinger)

En øvelse om forskellige typer obligationer.

Smeltning og frysning

Under frysning dannes hydrogenbindinger mellem vandmolekyler, hvilket resulterer i en...

Surface tension of liquids 2 (observation)

In this video we are experimenting with food colourings.

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