Mountain climate zones

The decisive factor that determines the climate zones of mountains is the altitude above sea level.

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Cloud formation

When the temperature of the cooling air reaches dew point condensation occurs because air is...

Africa – The Climatic Anatomy of a Continent

An introduction of the climatic and altitudinal zones of the African continent.

Sedimentary rock

Did you know that about 75% of the land on our planet is covered with sedimentary rock?

The rock cycle

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The Equatorial Climate

Introducing the characteristics of the tropical rainforest climate

Kort over havbunden

Grænserne for tektoniske plader kan ses på havbunden.

Continental drift

In the past, a number of geologists tried to explain why the outlines of continents seem to fit...

The Formation of the Atacama

The Atacama Desert is the highest-elevation and dryest desert on Earth.

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