Mixing substances, separating mixtures 2 (observation)

Separating mixtures if one of the substances dissolves in water.

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The effect of temperature on chemical equilibrium (observation)

Change in the colour of the cobalt(II) chloride solution due to heating and cooling.

The surface tension of liquids

We observe whether a razor blade can float on the surface of different liquids.

The conditions for rapid combustion

This experiement shows that combustion will not occur if any of the following is missing:...

Homemade firefighting foam (observation)

We can produce carbon dioxide gas using sodium hydrogen carbonate and acetic acid. The carbon...


En brændselscelle giver miljøvenlig elektrisk energi produceret af en kemiske reaktion...

Smart putty

We can witness a surprising 'performance' thanks to the special abilities of elastomers.

The viscosity of liquids

Have you ever thought about why honey flows so slowly from a spoon compared to water?

Konformationer af ethan

Den forskudte konformation af ethan er mere stabil end den formørkede konformation.

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