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Fruit-power battery

Fruit-power battery

Watch how a few lemons can produce electricity.



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Relaterede ekstramaterialer

Dancing coin

This video demonstrates the expansion of gases with the help of a bottle and a coin.

Upside-down glass of water

This video demonstrates that the force resulting from air pressure acts upwards too.

Anti-gravity water

This experiment shows how a handkerchief can hold a glass of water.

Coke dispenser

Witness the power of coke and chewy dragees.

Water thermometer

An easy way to make your own thermometer at home!

Hand-powered paper turbine

Let’s rotate a paper wheel with the heat of our hands.

Baking soda bomb

Have some fun with a harmless little bomb you can make at home.

Balancing utensils table trick

With this little balance trick, you can amaze your friends using a toothpick, a spoon, a fork...

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