Covering exercise books

Autumn is here - school starts. Your exercise books should not look boring... Let's dress them up!

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It has surely occurred to you that your book closed accidentally and you did not have the...

Paper hat

Let’s make a funny hat quickly and easily! All we need is a piece of paper.

Paper birds

Let’s make paper birds! The more colour we use, the more beautiful our birds will look.

Birthday gifts

Be nice to your classmates by surprising them on their birthday with handmade gifts. They will...


Let’s create a small present from materials we find at home! It can also be decorated once it's...

Traffic signs

It is important to know the rules of the road both for pedestrians and bikers. Prepare some...

Paper puppets

Let’s make puppets using sticks, sheets of paper, scissors and coloured pencils!

Yarn doll

Let’s make a toy applying a simple but genius method, using yarn and a pair of scissors!

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