This plant that originates from China has become an invasive species.

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There are many uses of equatorial aloe species. Beverages and medications are produced from its...


Korn er arter af græs dyrket på grund af deres spiselige korn.


Æblet er et af ​​de mest populære frugter i verden.

The blackberry

Trees and bushes in the forest can produce various tasty fruits. One of the most popular fruits...

Let's get to know the faces of forests!

In this lesson you will find out where deciduous forests are located on the Earth and...

The clover

Thanks to its high nutritional value, the clover is an excellent fodder plant; four-leaved...


En svamp er den kødfulde frugtkrop hos en svamp lavet af svampesporer.


This video is about the structure and uses of reeds and their effect on the environment.

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