This plant that originates from China has become an invasive species.

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Et af de mest almindelige træer af fyrfamilien, der er hjemmehørende i Eurasien.

Sammenligning af ægte frugter og pseudofrugter

Frugtvæggen af ægte frugter udvikler sig fra frugtknuden, mens frugtvæggen af...

The Ramson

The ramson is also called bear’s garlic, but do bears really like it? You can find out here and...

The apple tree

The apple is the best-known fruit and indeed one of the most popular fruits in the world.


There are many uses of equatorial aloe species. Beverages and medications are produced from its...

The common juniper

The most common juniper species in the northern hemisphere. This video is about its uses and its...

Are all forests alike?

This lesson presents the different types of forests and their layers.


This video is about the structure and uses of reeds and their effect on the environment.

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