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Udvikling af atommodellen

Store faser i teoriernes historie og synspunkter om atomets struktur.

Relaterede ekstramaterialer

Kovalente bindinger i benzenmolekyler

I benzen er der sigmabindinger og delokaliserede pi-bindinger mellem carbonatomer.

Struktur af nitrogenmolekyler

Denne animation demonstrerer strukturen af ​​nitrogenmolekyler, med en sigma og to pi...

Homemade firefighting foam

We can produce carbon dioxide gas using sodium hydrogen carbonate and acetic acid. The carbon...

The Daniell cell

We can generate electricity with the help of a salt bridge and by immersing a zinc electrode in...

Opløsning af hydrogenchlorid (HCl) i vand

Opløsningen af ​​hydrogenchlorid i vand kaldes saltsyre.

The effect of pressure change on chemical equilibrium (observation)

Examination of dissolved carbon dioxide in a bottle of carbonated water.

Smart putty

We can witness a surprising 'performance' thanks to the special abilities of elastomers.

Peeling an egg

The acid in vinegar dissolves materials containing calcium carbonate like eggshell and snail shell.

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