Sammenligning af enkimbladede og tokimbladede planter

Planter kan deles i to grupper: Enkimbladede og tokimbladede.

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Et af de mest almindelige træer af fyrfamilien, der er hjemmehørende i Eurasien.

The sessile oak

After you have seen this video, you will be able to tell the English oak from the sessile oak.


En af de vigtigste enkimbladede afgrøder.

The English oak

The most widespread tree species in temperate forests. It grows slowly. Its timber is popular in...

The small-leaved lime

This tree species, native to the Carpathian basin, grows slowly and is relatively undemanding....

The common juniper

The most common juniper species in the northern hemisphere. This video is about its uses and its...

The apple tree

The apple is the best-known fruit and indeed one of the most popular fruits in the world.


A film about the fruit at the heart of winemaking.

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