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Levende lys

Levende lys har været brugt til belysning siden oldtiden.

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Perpetual motion machine

Inventors have been long mulling over the idea of constructing a device which would work forever...

Turbine powered by the heat of your hands

How to rotate a pinwheel and a spiral without touching them.

Archimedes’ principle with gases

Is there a difference between the weight of a plastic bottle filled with air and the weight of a...


Der er forskellige typer instrumenter til måling af temperatur.


Den tyske ingeniør Rudolf Diesel patenterede dieselmotoren i 1893.

Firtakts forbrændingsmotor

Denne animation demonstrerer den type motor, der oftest anvendes i biler.

An experiment with crushing results

How can a tin can be crushed without manual force? All you need is some water and heat.

To-takts motor

En to-taktsmotor er en type forbrændingsmotor med en cyklus på kun to takter.

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