Keplers love om planetarisk bevægelse

De tre vigtige love, der beskriver planetarisk bevægelse, blev formuleret af Johannes Kepler.

Relaterede ekstramaterialer

The brachistochrone problem

Find out whether the marble reaches the finish line faster on the straight or on the curved slope.

Typer af bølger

Bølger spiller en yderst vigtig rolle på mange områder af vores liv.

Straw flute

Observe what happens when making sounds with shorter and shorter pieces of the same straw.

Sound waves all around us • Part 1

This lesson is about the sound waves surrounding us.


En varmluftballon er en ballon, der løftes af varm luft.

Putting a candle out with carbon dioxide

In this experiment we produce carbon dioxide with vinegar and baking powder.

Sound waves all around us • Part 2

In this lesson you will learn more about how sound propagates.

The faithful cork

How does a piece of a cork behave on the surface of a glass of water? You can examine that in...

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