Hydrotermisk væld

En hydrotermisk åbning er et spræng på planetens overflade, hvorfra geotermisk opvarmet vand strømmer ud.

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The World of the seas

Seas and oceans cover almost three-quarters of the Earth’s surface. 97.5% of the total...

Abrasion coasts

The destructive force of waves can create steep cliffs in certain coastal areas. Let’s see how...

Jordens magnetfelt

Jordens magnetiske nord- og sydpoler ligger i nærheden af ​​de geografiske nord- og sydpoler.

Cloud formation

When the temperature of the cooling air reaches dew point condensation occurs because air is...

The permafrost

The boundary of the permanently frozen region is retracting due to global warming.

Natural gas and petroleum

Natural gas and petroleum are among the most important sources of energy and raw materials today.

The pollution of natural waters

Water is one of our key natural resources; we must protect it vigorously.

Volcanic activity

The area surrounding an inactive or extinct volcano is not necessarily calm. Let’s see the...

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