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The best app ever (probably)!

2 December 2015David Rebelo

This is for all the statistics freaks out there! The tool we are showing you today, called Probability, was created by one of our developers who is a mathematician from Cambridge University.

The beautiful and practical design of this app make it so that the teacher can always display the charts and the equations behind these charts simultaneously - this really helps students see how the two connect and therefore grasp concepts more swiftly. What’s more, if you change the equation, you can automatically see that change translated into the diagram.

Here we increase the standard deviation:

Explanations of the theory behind each distribution are also given, for example:

But the best feature of all is definitely the possibility to superimpose different distributions and play around with them. Here we can see how, as the number of trials in a binomial distribution increases, the distribution resembles a normal distribution more and more.

8 trials

99 trials

We can also see how adjusting a normal distribution makes it a better approximation to another distribution.

Approximating a binomial distribution with a normal distribution - we increase both the mean and the standard deviation:

We can view up to three distributions simultaneously on the same chart. Let’s have a look at a burr (pink) a binomial (blue) and a normal distribution, all displayed at the same time.

You can use Probability on mozaBook and mozaWeb or register on to try it for free. We will continue to incorporate new features onto the app, such as a question generator. If you have any suggestions, get in touch!


Tags: maths
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