Wheel of fire

The defenders of Eger Castle invented a lethal weapon, a water...

Haiduk (Hungarian soldiers of the 16th century)

István Bocskay created a successful army from former armed cattle...

Alanine (C₃H₇NO₂)

A non-polar amino acid. L and D molecules are mirror images of...

Oktogon, Budapest (Early 20th century)

A landmark crossroads in the Hungarian capital city at the turn of...

John the Valiant, the hussars´ route

Follow John the Valiant on his quest described in Sándor Petőfi´s...

Industrial estate

Industrial estates provide infrastructure and services for companies.

Glyceraldehyde (C₃H₆O₃)

The simplest aldose, an optically active compound.

Topographic map of Hungary

This animation demonstrates the geographical regions of Hungary.

How does it work? - Radio

This animation demonstrates how radios work.

Construction of a panel building

Buildings constructed of prefabricated concrete blocks were...

Silver bromide (AgBr)

A white, crystalline compound which breaks down when exposed to light.

Soil types - Hungary (map)

This animation demonstrates the types of soil found in Hungary.

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) (beginner)

Colourless, odourless, heavier-than-air gas. Necessary for the...

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