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Часови зони

Земята е разделена на 24 часови зони. Часът в една часова зона се нарича стандартно време.

Фази на Луната

Фазите на Луната са непрекъснатите промени във външния ѝ вид. Тези промени настъпват...

Сателитна навигация, GPS

Глобалната система за позициониране се състои от 24 сателита, но е нужно само 4 от тях да...

The Victorian era

The scene depicts the extremities of the Victorian era, presenting the throne room and a...

How does it work? - Laser

Lasers are devices designed to emit narrow, monochromatic, high-intensity beams of light.

Electron configuration of calcium

This animation shows the electron configuration of the calcium atom.

Structure of nitrogen molecules

This animation demonstrates the structure of nitrogen molecules, with one sigma and two...

Смяна на сезоните (средно ниво)

Поради наклона на земната ос слънчевите лъчи падат под различен ъгъл през годината.

Covalent bonds in benzene molecules

In benzene there are sigma bonds and delocalised pi bonds between carbon atoms.

Space Shuttle

The Space Shuttle was a manned, reusable spacecraft operated by NASA.

Fuel cell

A fuel cell provides environment-friendly electric energy produced by the chemical...


There are various types of instruments used for measuring temperature.

Generating alternating current

Electric current can be generated by rotating an armature loop in a magnetic field.

Melting and freezing

During freezing hydrogen bonds are formed between water molecules resulting in a crystal...

Surface tension

Surface tension is the property of a liquid that allows it to obtain the smallest surface...

Aerodynamic lift

Due to their asymmetrical profile of the wings, lift is produced while flying at a high...

Submarine operation

Submarines submerge and surface by changing the average density of the hull.


Capacitors store electrical energy in the form of electric charge.

Voyager space probes

The Voyager space probes were the first man-made objects to leave the Solar System. They...

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