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Licences for teachers, students and schools

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FOR TEACHERS for illustration in class and preparing at home


  • It can be used by multiple teachers on one interactive whiteboard with separate user accounts
  • It can also be used at home for preparing for lessons.
  • Interactive content (3D scenes, educational videos) for all subjects and ages.
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Multilang version (35 languages)
198.00 EUR
FOR CLASSES for schoolwork on Android and iOS tablets

mozaWeb PREMIUM Pack

  • Full access to the interactive content (3D scenes, educational videos) and the educational applications on the mozaWeb website without installing any additional software
  • Classwork on Android or iOS tablets
  • Interactive homework assignments
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30.00 EUR 12.00 EUR / Student
This pack provides a discounted price for the purchase of 20 or more mozaWeb PREMIUM subscriptions. The subscriptions included in this pack have a single activation code which activates all the purchased subscriptions. For classwork on tablets you need to purchase as many subscriptions as the number of students who will participate.
Please note: For classwork, a mozaBook CLASSROOM licence (available for purchase separately) is needed on the teacher's computer.
mozaBook PERSONAL mozaBook



PC, Tablet

PC, Tablet

Access to content
Opening HOME digital books *
Opening CLASSROOM digital books *
Opening the digital versions of publications using the codes in the printed textbooks.
Opening the digital content inserted into the books
Opening 3D scenes in the media library restricted restricted
Opening videos in the media library restricted restricted
Opening tools and games restricted
System requirements
Available with a browser
Installation is necessary
How many PCs can run it at the same time? 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
How many computers can one mozaBook licence be installed on? 1 1 On one IWB and one PC
Available functions
Available in several languages optional optional
Usable on the interactive whiteboard
Usable in the classroom with a projector
Touch functions
Classroom management, setting homework
Social functions, homework assignments with mozaWeb PREMIUM
Sharing custom content
PDF and PPT import feature
Price / year (for individual orders) FREE Individually
30.00 EUR / Student
- Individually
98.00 EUR / Student
198.00 EUR / Teacher
Price / year (for schools ordering in bulk) - In Pack
12.00 EUR / Student
In Pack
15.00 EUR / Student
- In Pack
118.00 EUR / Teacher
* Subscriptions and licences do not include access to digital books. The books are available for purchase separately in our webshop.
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